I’m back…

I had surgery on Friday … still in quite a bit of discomfort. My painkillers are working, but creating a slight haze in my brain.

For the next four next four to six weeks I will be dictating everything to the computer as I only have use of my left hand to type. Entries here will probably be fewer unfortunately just because it’s less practical for me to do this.

For the curious … My surgery involved stitching the meniscus which was torn in my right wrist. This is where your wrist connects to the ulna (pinky side). We also learned that the ligaments in the middle of my hand/wrist were stretched not torn. This is better than being torn but still not great. Apparently it’s still a wait-and-see after I recover from this procedure. From my conversation with my doctor, it will be a matter of how much pain or discomfort I can tolerate in the future which determines whether I need or want to have another surgery. Fixing the ligaments however will certainly limit my future range of motion probably by one third.

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