Absolut Online Committment

Keep in mind that Volvo did this first for the launch of the S60.

Absolut’s got some new Web stuff up.

Not only is an extremely media rich site (with an odd sort of infomercial introducing site features), but Absolut has decided to launch their newest flavor (Vanilla–I’ll let the lawyers discuss to whom an alcohol that tastes like an ice cream flavor is targetted) online. You can’t buy the stuff. You can only luxuriate in the brand.

Listen: this is a major investment by a brand maverick in online:

* It’s broadband only. This is, I believe, a further realization of the importance of at-work surfers. Especially the young and hip.

* It’s online-branding. Really it is. What else could it be? The product in not available anywhere yet. All you can do is experience the idea of the product.

Dare I say it? Party like it’s 1999. This time, hopefully we’ll be smart enough to understand how to use this creative energy toward marketing goals.

[Gary Stein]

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