AvantGo 5 is finally outta beta…

If you use AvantGo on a Palm, you might have noticed that it is finally out of beta… assuming of course you had the beta installed. You might want to install it now that things are official. I’ve been “testing” things for quite a while and I have been very pleased with how things work on my Tungsten C. Performance is good, online browsing works well and hi-resolution is supported as well as the 5-way button.

Unfortunately for Mac users, AG seems to only be available as an .exe file, but installing the Palm parts on a connected device will allow you to use it just fine. I’ve zipped what you need here. Things should go from beta to gold after a wireless sync. At least they did for me…

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  1. I should point out that what you did was a violation of the DMCA – circumvention of a copy protection mechanism. 🙂


  2. Perhaps… The files and service are freely available, just not in the form that AvantGo chooses to distribute them. In the end, if more people use this software they generate more ad impressions which is how they seem to pay for the consumer service.

    BTW — Did you use the files?

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