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While less than 40 minutes, I now need at least 20 minutes to sync my Palm to my computer. We recently switched to Lotus Notes at work and in order to have my Calendar and other modules sync, I needed to install LipSync from Kissworks. This is a notes databases that can read and write with iCal and the built-in Address Book.

I was having an issue yesterday with iCal remembering and reinstalling old calendars each time I opened it, which were also then syncing each session. I think I finally figured it out, though it is far from what I was hoping for. By disabling sync with .Mac, I am able to just keep current with my system and Palm… and now Notes. With .Mac on, the old stuff returns no matter how many times I say reset all and use my computer as the refresh point. This is definitely a bug and something others have issues with as well if you search the Apple Support boards. One additional point – just a suggestion but it works for me… You need to run Backup in order to kill the old files after a sync as well. I’ve found that without this update, I get the old calendars back on a relaunch of iCal.

The reason things take so long is that you have to actually sync twice in order to sync to and from Notes to iCal/Address Book and then other time to sync between iCal/ Address Book and your Palm or iPod or Phone. Not ideal, but it is working and deletes and changes between the three are being noted throughout so I guess I can’t complain too much.

One additional benefit of turning off .Mac in iSync is the speed increase with sync in general. While iSync is still a bit slow for my taste, it does work…and as I mentioned is currently working well. I guess I’ll have to buy/expense the LipSync app now when my demo ends on September 30… unless of course a BlackBerry finds it’s way to me which would make syncing with my Palm completely redundant.

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