Mozilla 1.5 RC1 is the latest version of the alternative Web browser for Mac OS X. Version 1.5 adds improvements to Mozilla Composer, support for logging in Chatzilla, improvements to tabbed browsing, and improved unstyled XML display. [MacNN News]

I’ve been hooked on Mozilla for a month or two now and can’t see going back to Safari until it gets a significant update. I’m too hooked on the sidebar and the integration of Mail (the client is excellent with great junk filtering) but there are still a few kinks I’d like to see worked out either in Mozilla or Firebird. Nothing I see as a showstopper, and only one that continues to actually bother me continously (though not enough to switch back):

Open links from external apps in new tabs instead of windows – not sure why you can’t do it, but at least I know it’s like that on all platforms, not just Mac. Safari has this as an option in the prefs and Moz needs to get on this. It’s a pain to have multiple windows going after you’ve adjusted to tabbed browsing.

Mozilla has a much more robust password management system than Safari and can actually maintain multiple passwords and logins for the same page which is very helpful in the work environment when you are switching between views as either you or your client.

I don’t understand though why the form auto-fill feature is not able to be added as either a button on the toolbar or a keyboard shortcut. It stores a plethora of information if you choose and can would be even more helpful if it were more accessible.

Overall, Mozilla is an excellent browser. There are only a few instances when I have to use something else and unfortunately it’s IE.

Hertz does not let you rent a car successfully without IE since the page does not work unless you are in that old piece of crap. Too bad they don’t mention it when you arrive.

Lotus Notes forces IE as well since it only successfully opens links in IE (not even Safari). Usually I cut and paste, but click here link-types don’t paste since you can’t capture the location.

I highly recommend Mozilla and would encourage anyone to put it to the test. It hold’s it’s own against any option proving in many cases to be superior.

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  1. Hi there! Notes can work with Safari, but it’s a weird hack. Instead of editing the relevant location document to point to your Safari executable, have it point to a webloc file somewhere on your system (that won’t go anywhere).

    If Safari’s your default browser, then you’re good to go.

    Not useful for everyone, I agree, but thought I’d chip in 😉

  2. Liked Mozilla for everything except it always quit out when downloading pdf’s directly – worked OK through download manager, but sometimes you just click and forget. Oddly, Netscape 7.1 doesn’t have this problem.

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