SunnComm Does Some Thinking, Backs Off

SunnComm CEO Peter Jacobs to the Daily Princetonian: “I don’t want to be the guy that creates any kind of chilling effect on research. I just thought about it and decided it was more important not to be one of those people. The harm’s been done…if I can’t accomplish anything [with a lawsuit] I don’t want to leave a wake.

I don’t want to be the people my parents warned me to stay away from. It’s 10 million bucks, but maybe I can make it back, and maybe [Halderman] can learn a little bit more about our technology so as not to call it brain dead.”

The good Professor Felten: “SunnComm is to be commended for deciding not to interfere with Alex‘s right to speak. I hope SunnComm decides to join the debate now. If SunnComm wants to add anything, or to challenge anything that Alex said in his paper, I for one would like to hear from them.” [Copyfight: The Politics of IP]

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