Are you sure your shows don’t just suck?

NBC Faults Nielsen for Reduction in Viewers

NBC asserted that the falloff in young male viewers this television season was caused by new participants in the Nielsen survey who are not following the right procedures. [New York Times: Business]

NBC claims that adding Hispanics to the survey has had a negative impact on ratings as they (Hispanics) participate differently with the special remote you get from Nielsen to track what you watch. Um. right…

I’m sure that adding quality shows like Coupling (cancelled!) and Whoopie really helped get that younger male viewer they were looking for and the ratings really are correct… it’s just being counted wrong. I’m also sure that videogames and online usage also had nothing to do with where the younger male demographic spends free time.

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  1. i dont see how nielsen ratings can be accurate. when i talk to my family and friends not a single one agrees with the ratings listing. so who are they getting the ratings from, yuppies and old people.

  2. who know… it’s a very small sample size that in no way properly represents who’s out there. It’s just that’s all there is… until our set-tops record and transmit what we are up to anyway.

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