Job hunt is on…

Feeling good about my resume now so I’ve started to send it out… working through some personal network contacts as well as the job boards and a few “love to work there” companies. I’ve got nothing to lose so I am casting a pretty wide net.

One thing I’ve noticed is that you could easily surf the posted jobs for along time. Monster came up with about 100 pages of marketing jobs… of course many of them are lame, repeated and blindly posted by some seeming shady organizations, but there are many good job descriptions out there.

It’s amazing how differently people use the same words… You can find Director or VP level jobs that range in income by over 100K. Not the salary at $100k, the difference between them. One “high level” job listed cell phone benefits and a car allowance. The salary maxed out a $45K. Not exactly high level.

I can relax a bit now that my resume is up to date – at least from that perspective.

Now my leisurely walks with wife and child don’t have anything waiting for me to complete. Today looks to be a beautiful day – not too cold – so we are definitely going for a long one.

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