Zukero V3 – crazy name, cool idea

Little black box lets any audio device get streaming content over GPRS.

The product itself is a small dongle terminating in a 3.5 mm jack suitable for connection to a wide range of home audio products. This dongle connects via Bluetooth to a compatible mobile phone (currently Nokia’s Series 60 devices, Sony Ericsson’s UIQ handhelds and their T68, T39 and T610) and uses its GPRS connection to stream audio content directly to the home appliance. [infoSync]

Pretty wild gadget, though I am not sure that GPRS is quite fast enough to be a practical delivery method for music. It’s more like a 33.6 modem connection in best cases which would be pretty lo-fi on your stereo. The concept is awesome though… hopefully they will figure out how to support faster networks as they become available.

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