411 via SMS has finally arrived

via Textually, I just learned of a super cool new way to do 411 via SMS. You simply send a message to UpSnap (+1-818-312-7627) with the info you want. I happen to be in Florida at the moment and decided to give it a whirl based on my plans this am…

By entering Marinas Jupiter Fl, I received a listing of 5 options:

  • a Center Park Self Storage (obviously wrong)
  • b Blowing Rocks Marina
  • c Jonathan’s Landing Marina
  • d Jib Yacht Club and Marina
  • e Holmesy Company

You can reply with what letter option makes the most sense… for this example I chose c, Jonathan’s Landing Marina. In about 30-60 seconds, I received the full listing for this place – Jonathan’s Landing Marina – 3238 Casseekey Island Rd Jupiter, Fl (561) 747-8980 Because I am on a Treo the number is clickable for a quick call.

You can also choose to find a specific place like Neiman Marcus 415, which will give you as listing for Neiman Marcus in the 415 area code and was the example SMS they initially sent my way.

The only cost for this service seems to be whatever your text plan is which for me is basically free given the number of messages I get per month. I just wish carriers would add SMS delivery to the menu of options to calling 411.

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