Android Video Demo

Android Demo Video

While there’s no gPhone per se, this demo gives a cool overview of how the platform works and what can be done. Seems like we are just scratching the surface here, but with WebKit, 3D acceleration and 3G data services some very cool stuff will be sure to arrive.

Too bad we have to wait until 2H 2008!

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  2. Looking at that demo it hardly gives me wood, it looked a lot like some mock-ups to try and excite the touchscreen weenies. I suppose this demo is missing the point. They touched on it briefly that these apps are open to be used by other apps, so you don’t have to create your own all over again. If the calendar app could publish locations all over your map, or display flickr tags, or maybe just write your own if it doesn’t exist, isn’t this far more compelling than waiting for the next locked-down morsel to come from ultra-sleek iphone-land?

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