Data settings should be locked to a SIM

Do you use more than one sim and more than one device? If you do then I would imagine you’ve also experienced the pain that’s associated with re-configuring EVERY data-centric application to a new access point each time you switch!

Why can’t phones be smarter to see that once the SIM has been switched the prior preferred AP is ready to be used. Voicemail is the only function that auto-programs itself when you switch .. While I certainly appreciate this effort, it’s quite minor as my usage is at least 90% data.

Given my travel as of late, I see this all too regularly. I switch my phones based on where I can take advantage of the 3G services and to avoid incurring personal roaming charges. Why can’t mobile devices support this with smarter switching capabilities?

A DUN Good Travel Companion

29/10/2008 - Nokia CA-100

I’ve been traveling rather extensively for the past month and it’s not always easy to find a WiFi hotspot which is not that much of an issue when you have a DUN capable 3G mobile. The Nokia CA-100 accessory (above in action) is a killer addition to my gadget bag as it uses my laptop’s power and charges the phone while it’s providing connectivity right back.

The Nokia CA-100 is designed to charge from USB to the Nokia mini-plug. It works with all of my gear which is quite excellent as I usually have an assortment on hand and it’s great to be able to top up without looking for a plug. As you can see, I have not even unbound the cord. The shorter length has been suiting me just fine and the whole thing closes back around itself making it very easy to carry around.

29/10/2008 - Nokia CA-100

I’ve wanted one of these for a long time and it took a trip to Finland to finally see it in an electronics store. For some reason it’s not easy to purchase at a Nokia Store in the US.