Pummelvision is pretty cool

My Pummelvision from Jonathan Greene on Vimeo.

This probably has more meaning to me than you being from my 2000 last images on Flickr, but it’s still quite cool. I wish it included pictures i had marked private since i authorized my account. The family portion of my biographical view is light, and Flickr has a pretty solid record stored. Anyway, as I watched I was able to reflect on the the pretty amazing world travels I’ve had over the past couple of years … Certainly looks like I like gadgets and particularly phones. But I’m sure you already knew that.

Yahoo! Announces OneConnect at the Mobile World Congress

Yahoo announced OneConnect an amazingly cool service today that looks like a truly killer mobile social connector.  OneConnect will allow you to view and participate across social networks in a a way much like Jaiku does now – though it seems like it will work for most of your existing social services.  It´s not ready for release quite yet and details of exactly how it works were hard to confirm, but here´s a video of what you can expect. 

I´m very excited by this and see that Yahoo! has finally come forward with something exciting in mobile.  Because the mobile is something you always have with you it´s truly the key piece in staying connected.  That the OneConnect service will work with and outside the Yahoo! ecosystem is what makes it truly compelling.  This application goes well beyond my notion of lifestreaming and looks like it will truly change the way in which we connect.