If you want the good

If you want the good stuff, or at least want it first, you will have to pay. Star Wars trailer – buy Quicktime. Two Towers trailer, login to AOL. Good thing I have an account!

AOL previews second Tolkien film. America Online says it will debut the promotional trailer for “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” in a move to draw traffic to the online service. [CNET News.com]

When I moved to OS

When I moved to OS X, I found the Omni Apps to be extremely helpful in my daily work life. Now that it looks like only a matter of time before I can take outlines from desktop to web. I love Radio so far, just another reason to support standards.

OPML Support Coming to OmniOutliner Soon. Rob McNair-Huff: Writing on the OmniOutliner mailing list, Brian C. at The Omni Group says: “OPML import and export support is forthcoming. We’ll need you guys to give it a look-see when we release 2.1.1 beta 1.” [read more] [s l a m]

NetNewsWire is a simple, slick

NetNewsWire is a simple, slick tool that just kicks ass. It can pull from as many RSS sources as you can handle. Brent Simmons has done a fantastic job with this and amazingly it’s free! An update posted today allows for RSS drag and drop between apps. Brents blog today alludes to the power he released later in the day.

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.1b1. NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.1b1 has been posted along with documentation on the clipboard formats NetNewsWire exports. Sample code is provided for both Carbon and Cocoa. [ranchero.com]

I have become a huge

I have become a huge fan of the Google News site. Once I get settled with everything on Radio, I will look into getting this going.

Bruce Loebrich has scraped RSS feeds for Google news, and a RSS 2.0 success story. In other words, it’s okay to use the features in 2.0. We’re doing it at UserLand and so is Bruce. [Scripting News]