As I mentioned in my

As I mentioned in my post on HDTV, Time Warner has also included a Video on Demand (VOD) service. There are currently about 90 movies costing between $1.95 and $3.95 depending on age of the picture. The classic Hitchcock stuff is on the low end but Lord of the Rings is the high end, though similar to Blockbuster and no potential for late fees. One really nice thing about the way it works, is that you get the movie for a full 24-hour period. With the current pay-per-view model, you only get the movie while it is on, unless on some systems you buy an all day pass, which might cost more.

The VOD system is providing very high quality digital video with TiVo (pause, fastforward…) features. Now that I have tried this, and admittedly only with the free content so far like previews, I would think that video rental places must be extremely nervous. This is a real system, with a valid selection on our televisions – not computers at the right price.

Blockbuster makes all their money from our house, through late-fees, but not any longer…

Warner Gets Into Web Video-On-Demand. Broadband Internet subscribers got their first real opportunity Monday to legally download movies distributed by a major studio. Warner Bros. agreed to offer a few films to Web-based video-on-demand service CinemaNow and split the revenue. That could help to thaw Hollywood’s cold refusal to offer downloadable films on any service but Movielink. [osOpinion]

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