At first blush

At first blush this news story might lead you to believe that the Redmond crew had figured out a way to block spam. All they seem to know, however, is how to limit your exposure to HTML in preview mode. This will only cut back on the number of return hits back to spam central, which certainly can limit the number of spams you might get in the future from that same source. With this method, you will still receive and be forced to manage the same number of spam messages you receive each day.

Thank goodness for Mac OS X and Apple’s I had 36 messages automatically filtered to my Junk folder this morning and I am sure there will be many more moved throughout the day. Filter and trash, never open or preview. Keep trying MS…maybe next time. Perhaps Office 12 in 2006 will be able to handle this.

New Outlook to give spammers the boot: “The first test version of Microsoft’s new e-mail software takes a different approach to handling e-mail formatted like Web pages, a move designed to cut down on unwanted messages.” Source: CNET

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