Mark/Space email for Palm

Mark/Space has a Palm email client, which Rael thinks is pretty nice. It does look good, but I am using VersaMail for IMAP for now, until Snappermail finally gets a major overhaul in 2.0 hopefully beta in a few weeks. I actually really like SnapperMail more, but it’s a pain to use both POP and IMAP on the same account… you lose all the message status information which is definitely helpful if you use a mobile client.

Mark/Space Mail for Palm looks to have all the features of a mobile mail app one could ask for. Of particular note are SSL support (Palm OS 5.2+), generalized attachment support, and rotation/large-screen support for those Tungsten T3s. It’s US $29.95, with a demo version available for download. [MobileWhack]

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