PC Suite DUN and the N95

I’ve been actively using PC Suite to connect to the N95 on my commute for about two weeks now and while it’s about the easiest way I’ve ever connected a phone to a laptop, there are a few missing details I’d like to suggest.

  • First, it’s great to see when I connect and at what speed with that oh so (not) helpful windows balloon, but where’s the notice for when the connection drops? How about a tray icon that offers some sense of signal strength as well?
  • Another really helpful bit would be the option to auto-reconnect as needed which is something the Mac has had by default for PPP connections since PPP existed …

Connectivity on the Metro North Train line is spotty at best. There are some awesome pockets of 3G-ness, but it’s mainly EDGE and there are some definite dark zones as well. I’ve been disconnected 5 times just writing this post … Being able to better manage what’s happening does not seem like a substantial ask. It should be basic stuff.

I should also note that my N95 has yet to freeze up in DUN mode like it regularly does when connected to the N810.

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