Cartier’s Love Campaign on Myspace

Just caught this via AdAge and I’m having a hard time getting past this quote:

“There’s this misperception in the market about MySpace being a youth site, a site for teens,” said Travis Katz, managing director-international operations for MySpace. “But 85% of our audience in the U.S. is over 18, and 40% of all moms in U.S. are on MySpace.” He claims that MySpace reaches more people making $100,000-plus than other social-network competitors, such as Facebook and Yahoo 360.

The site is certainly well designed for MySpace, but I can’t help but cringe thinking that people playing on MySpace are just waiting to be engaged by a marquee luxury brand like Cartier. While 85% of the audience is over 18, what’s the the actual range? Is it 18 to 60 or more like 18-24? I’m reluctant to believe that MySpace is the winner in the Household earnings stat as well… just not buying it.

I guess this is one to watch … not sure how long the terms of the deal are, but let’s see if it gets renewed.

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