What’s not working for you in Windows 7?

I’ve got a short list of bugs in my Windows 7 install and while I know some of these issues are “standard” on my hardware, I have not seen anyone else talk about a few so figured it was worth a share …

  • Sound & Brightness controls don’t always work when resuming from standby.  This is frustrating but at least the NC10 boots back quickly …
  • Bluetooth seems like a mess.
  • I’ve found if I try to open My Bluetooth Places, I can actually cause the Explorer to crash.  It usually freezes up and stalls, but the full Explorer restart seems pretty major.
  • I can pair devices, but they don’t always work.  My mouse needs to be repaired frequently in order to continue working.  I’m using the Apple Mighty Mouse …
  • Dial-Up Networking is a non-starter.  I have my N85 Paired, but find I can only get a data connection over USB.  This is far from awful, but certainly an inconvenience.  The upside is that the N85 charges like this …
  • Desktop Gadgets are flaky.  I only use the Weather but find that sometimes they like to stay on top of active applications or simply disappear.  I have two of them running and right now one (the first one if that makes any difference) seems to have gone away.  This is usually resolved with a reboot.
  • Full Screen mode in Firefox is hit or miss.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it fights with the taskbar to see which one gets to stay on top.
  • Time – I keep finding the clock is off by quite a few hours.  This morning the time was reading tonight and the time server preference seems to fail on most of the server options.  I usually try manually when this happens and eventually it updates.  I’ll have to try setting it manually and leaving it.
  • Think that’s about it – at least in what I’ve noticed and tried.

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    1. I saw a screen shot of Win7 and it just looked junky and cluttered. Now, I am not being Mac-biased because I used to be a total MS fan boy … but Win7 just isn't grabbing me back, now that I have switched to Mac. This post of yours is really interesting.

    2. I've been moving between the systems for a while now and Win7 is really quite nice. These bugs are not terrible and considering it's “beta” I can live with it for now. When it gets optimized for release Windows will once again be a strong choice.

    3. i am hearing the same from a lot of friends. i have an open mind… we'll see. if Apple does not come out with a netbook, my next purchase just may be a windows machine.

    4. I've heard good things about the 64bit version … would love to try it with 4+GB of RAM too though I don't have a capable system.

    5. What you describe you are experiencing with Bluetooth is imho 100% driver-related. What drivers are you using? The default ones that Win7 installed? Have you tried installing the official Samsung drivers (even in compatibility mode if they are xp only and don't work if you install normally)?

      The gadgets thing may be a chipset/vga driver issue. Do you have the most recent drivers? For VGA there was an update via Windows update a few days ago, a beta driver specifically for Win7. If that doesn't work, Vista drivers from Intel's website do the trick.

      Fn controls are tied to the ACPI driver, at least for my Eee. I guess it's the same for Samsung. Can you install these?

      The time will never sync until you set Windows Time service to start automatically and delayed. Run->services.msc->right click on Windows Time->Properties->Set Startup Type to Automatic (Delayed Start).

      Setting to Automatic will NOT work. This IS a bug.

    6. My RealTek AC'97 is hosed. I've tried numerous driver installs for Vista, nothing peeps out from the speakers. My old graphics card is hosed too, so I had to switch back to integrated graphics, but it doesn't piss me as much as the audio driver.

    7. My sounds still flakes on wake from sleep … tried the realtek drivers as well as the stock. Beta is beta … still well worth the install.

    8. kindly gime more bugs about windows 7….
      i want to know more before i will try to use it…..

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