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I share a lot.  Perhaps not so much here these days as it’s a been more challenging for whatever reason to balance client flow with the blog, but maybe 2013 will provide an opportunity for more.

Anyway recently I’ve discovered Quibb which is an interesting new platform for content sharing within an organization.  It’s designed to share links and ideas somewhat vertically but also provide access to the usual friend / follow mechanism so you can find interesting things as well as jump into discussions.

As I’ve played around a bit there, it has me reflecting more on the potential for Branch and their recent addition of Groups which are focused areas of discussion though also publicly viewable.

Quora is the elder statesmen of this newer generation of discussion and has been building out beyond the initial tech-set who built the base.  I’ve spent the most time here historically though recently my interest has waned … I don’t think these suggested hot topics are doing much to bring me back either:

Quora Top Content


I’d be curious to see what if any places people are using for both content discovery as well as discussion beyond the facebook and twitter zones which are fine, but the depth of discussion tends to be much deeper elsewhere. At least that I’ve found …


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  1. You may or may not be surprised, but I’m finding my new avenue for content discovery is Google+.

    Yes, Google+. Once I took the time to find some shared circles (circles that others have curated and shared for public subscription), it’s really an awesome stream for me. I deliberately didn’t circle things that I get via Facebook or Twitter, so it’s typically new stuff. I have a shared circle of landscape photographers, which really adds color, and I found one with brands, which is great for research for my job. I found a few others, as well.

    I’ve also found that my personal posts tend to get more meaningful discussion there, as opposed to the ‘like’ and simple answers I get on my Facebook.

  2. I like Google+ as well and do typically find interesting things there … and frankly am able to get solid discussions also. These other services though seem specific to high(er) quality content most of the time. I have a host of other services specific to discovery … 😉

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