55 Years of the Brick #lego


Hey it’s Lego’s 55th year and they are celebrating with some very cool riddle based posters getting you to use your imagination to solve the “mystery.”  The series is really very cool and some are quite challenging as well.  Just like Legos … They’ve got a Tumblr apparently as well though the page seems to be MIA at the moment.

via PSFK, though Gizmodo has captured some higher res versions as well.

No Cablevision, no.


Cablevision has been running floating ads when connected on their metro-fi on top of pages to promote their core services. The problem is that these are seriously annoying to existing customers. Our house is a multi-DVR, broadband, and phone triple-play. Cablevision even has the MAC addresses of 4 mobile devices of ours so we can connect automatically (no captive portal) and yet they can’t suppress this messaging.

It’s impossible for me to even sign up for more service. Cablevision knows this. These ads need to go. Wake up Cablevision!

It’s called Facebook

Seth, meet Facebook. Facebook, Seth.

PS If I ran Twitter, I’d build my new ad service about a socially acceptable way for corporate users to build large lists of followers, people who would give permission to get news and discounts and insights from advertisers. Twitter knows who likes what and they have permission from users to be a bridge between the user and those that might want to talk to them. That’s a powerful place to be.

Real or Viral, This is Brilliant

bmw vs audi

I shared this find on twitter earlier tonight and it was re-tweeted enough times that I’ve continued to consider just how awesome it is. This piece from BMW to counter Audi is either the more brilliant placed media ever or a very slick piece of augmented reality viral marketing. Either way it’s a superb ad. I’m hoping it’s real.