Disney Research re-imagines the pop-up book #maker style and it’s awesome

Disney Research has pioneered a method to create new interactive experiences with paper, some simple electronics and some conductive ink. The result is really, really cool. With three kids we’ve worked our way through many books together many of which have had some interactive components through flaps and folds and even sound or simple lights. Eventually they all kinda wear out … a kid is too rough and they tear or the battery simply dies and the book loses its extra fun. With this technique, we could pretty easily print and rebuild. We could probably remix the book as well which is where things could really start to get creative.

Batteries not included … and not required!

via FastCo

My Kindle is dressed in leather and ready for bed

M-Edge Executive Jacket

That’s about as racy a headline as I could think of for the Kindle, and though it might grab your attention!  I picked up an M-Edge Executive Jacket and e-Luminator on Matt Miller’s recommendation and know immediately this was a wise move.

M-Edge Executive Jacket

If you have one, you know the Kindle’s case is lame.  It only holds the device on one side and it can easily slide out and fall if you are not paying attention.  I tend to only keep my Kindle in the case for transport and read with it removed.  The M-Edge Executive Jacket may serve the same function though without risk of the Kindle falling out and with considerable style.  The e-Luminator light is a paired accessory that as you might expect illuminates the screen and lets you read in low to no light situations – something that is basically impossible without an external light source.  The light slides into a pre-made slot in the case which is an excellent touch.  The battery is  an A23 (first one I’ve seen) and is reported to last for hours … I’ll let you know if it’s not something you can count on.

I’ve got some more pictures on flickr if you’d like to get a feel for how the Kindle is covered when the case is closed.  So far so good!