Booking flights based on real-time rewards


I’m a long standing TripIt user and have largely been satisfied, though lately there’s been some rumbling in social media land about the loss of rewards tracking.  For whatever reason Airlines are removing Tripit’s ability to track rewards as their own apps become more sophisticated.  To be honest using Tripit’s rewards tracking feature is really secondary for me, but it’s still important particularly if you travel frequently.  As my job involves a good bit of travel opportunity and my interest in what airline to take is shifting (from AA to Delta) I’m a bit more conscientious of my potential status.

The Next Web just brought MileWise to my attention and it looks like a winner. It’s connected to Google owned ITA so you get a very comprehensive database of flight information combined with over 500 reward programs in a single app. You’ll be able to book smartly knowing you are earning the most or taking advantage of potential opportunities you’d certainly miss via more traditional bookings. I’ve been using Hipmunk as my initiating research stop and will likely continue, though once I’ve found a few flights of interest it looks like I’ll be dropping them into MilesWise before making and decisions. Tripit will likely remain my goto itinerary service as well …