copsinbikelanes: Multiple submissions from Joanna Oltman Smith….


Multiple submissions from Joanna Oltman Smith.  The first one is at 2nd Ave and 16th in Manhattan.  The second is at 1st Ave and 44th.  The last two are at every cop’s favorite bike lane: Hoyt and Schermerhorn.  Both of these cars are repeat offenders.  The bottom car, number 2242, is a multiple-time offender.  Seriously dude, this is NOT YOUR PERSONAL PARKING SPACE!

Joanna is involved with StreetsPAC, a political organization dedicated to increasing the livability of NYC’s streets.  Check them out.

To serve and protect.  Stay safe!
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on{x} – remotely program smart contextual actions for your phone

Imagine if you could automate certain actions based on the contextual nature of a situation. on{x} is exactly that. It’s like ifttt (which I also love and use regularly) but remotely connected to your mobile. I’ve used Locale to do some things like this, but while locale seems more focused on my device, on{x} is more about your life. The logic in this system is also a bit slicker and with the community side of things adding easy to modify recipes it’s instantly quite powerful.

I’ve only scratched the surface on this, but highly recommend you check it out. via jmoney