Will Verizon’s paperless receipts be part of Isis?

According to IntoMobile, Verizon is about to introduce paperless receipts at their retails stores.  This seems like a great idea for existing customers though I’d love to see this get some NFC integration … tap to pay have it billed via ISIS (the VZ invested consortium) and show up in your docs and receipts.

I don’t even use VZ, but this seems like a very natural fit that could offer great customer benefit.  Isis has yet to announce what phones will be supported though Verizon does currently carry the payments-capable Galaxy Nexus.  I’m not sure you’d really even need the secure element aspect of NFC payments (opening to potentially more NFC devices) though it would benefit the Isis bit more if they focused on that for newer phones and upgrades.


PayPal’s Coolest Mobile Wallet Feature: The Oops Button

Good overview of the latest paypal mobile wallet (and offline features) … they have a lot to overcome to become a viable in-store solution.

The most notable feature of PayPal’s mobile wallet is payment flexibility. Users of PayPal’s mobile wallet application will be able to choose how they want to pay for purchases even after the sale. That means a purchase can be transferred to a different credit card, a debit card, a PayPal account or even a store gift card, if necessary, directly through the PayPal app. The payment could also be split between multiple cards/payment sources.

via Forbes.

Apparently Consumers Don’t Trust Google or Apple With Mobile Payments

An interesting study from Ogilvy … and a not so surprising response given our historical payment relationships are with the traditional payment brands. Should be interesting to track changes here though as it’s quite clear that Apple and Google will both be evolving considerable solutions. Even though Apple has yet to formally announce payments, they already have over 200 Million cards on file and are ready to roll. With or without NFC.

via Adage


Starbucks Card Payments for Android

The Starbucks mobile application introduced mobile payments via a “present and pay” mechanism last month.  Essentially the phone (iphone only) serves as a proxy for your card and Starbucks updated POS scanners can read a QR code from your device to debit your account.  This is certainly handy though as discovered recently also pretty hackable via some social engineering.  As there is no password for the QR, it’s possible to snag a screenshot and use that on any other device.  I see this as a low priority issue for Starbucks as you should have a password on your device anyway … but I digress.

This morning TalkAndroid reported on a new Android Widget app which offers Present and Pay to Android users.  I just downloaded it and immediatly noticed that there’s a PIN option for the QR code.  This is awesome on two counts.  First, a developer has enabled starbucks mobile payment system for Android – ahead of Starbucks and secondly they’ve fixed the security issue in the process.  Rock on!