Now that the N79 Active is shipping can I please just buy the heart rate monitor?

The N79 Active is a special bundle of the N79 that comes with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Arm Band and Nokia SportsTracker 2.05 which can track your workout data.

I’ve been running for the past few weeks and am quite happy using the 5800xm as my SportsTracker mobile.  The version of SportsTracker I am currently running (1.83) has the pairing for the heart rate monitor built in (2.x does not btw) and I am ready to rock.  I’ve searched and searched but the Polar Heart Rate Monitor is not something you can buy separately …

Polar apparently only sells this as a B2B SKU so it’s direct to Nokia or nothing.  I can’t find a Bluetooth Polar monitor anywhere and Nokia has yet to list it as an available accessory for any other devices.

Why is it so hard to give companies your money?