eBay recommendations could use a bit of work


I did in fact look at the Garmin 610 which I purchased elsewhere so in fairness to eBay they have to way to reconcile that bit.  However looking at the rest of the suggested products, I’m a bit horrified … how one dimensional do they think I am?

I’m not a regular eBay shopper by any stretch, but it’s interesting they didn’t try to mix in more of what’s popular or trending in electronics instead of a grid full of GPS devices.

PayPal Launches Prepaid Card for underbanked eCommerce


Gotta hand it to PayPal … they pretty much have every base covered now. Whether people use all this stuff is another thing, but the pre-paid enablement for eCommerce is very smart.

I don’t see any mention of fee structure … which is typically and unfortunately fairly predatory in under-banked products.

via TechCrunch.