Imitation as Flattery

Everyone wants to be like Apple…

Anyone else notice the ads for the HP Media Center are VERY similar to the ads Apple used when iTunes was announced. Line up a bunch of celebrities to choose from to play with on your computer…

Nikon now has ads running with Val Kilmer for the small coolpix camera that are a direct rip of the Apple switch style.

Mac tips from the Woz

I was watching TechTV this evening and caught Steve Wozniak as a co-host of The Screen Savers, which was cool unto itself. The highlight though was when Steve offerred some of his favorite Mac Tips…

Woz’s Mac tips

Woz will show us the following Apple tips:

  • Using the built-in display zoom of Jaguar: You press command and option and the * key, then you press command and option and the + key to zoom in, command and option and the – key to zoom out.
  • FruitMenu ($7 shareware) which allows you to tailor the Apple Menu and contextual menus to your taste.
  • A fun utility which makes your screen saver your desktop, called DesktopEffects.
  • Snv Desk, which creates falling snowflakes.
  • Finally, he’ll show us how to make a slideshow using iPhoto.

Source: TechTV

Spam Tracking…

For whatever reason I have been keeping tabs on the spam that just keeps on coming and coming. It’s hard not to notice when the same thing gets sent to you repeatedly and I thought it would prove (at least minimally) interesting to report what’s hot in spam. I’d say that in a given day I receive an average of close to 100 spam emails across the 5 email accounts (not including hotmail, yahoo or aol which are totally out of control!) I keep active. Apple’s catches about 95% of them and sorts them to my Junk folder for me to scan before I delete.

This list is far from complete and thanks to the spam community can and will continue to grow. I’ve excluded the usual suspects of porn, Nigerian scams, multi-level marketing schemes, 10 Million email addresses and penis enlargement solutions.

The hot subject lines of the week seem to be:

  • This Year’s Hottest Gift! – R/C Mini-Racer – JUST $19.99
  • Homer Simpson Talking Bottle Opener
  • Get Your Own Personal LIE Detector!
  • High quality, full-color business or personal cards FREE!
  • You’ve Won – Claim Your Elvis Monopoly Set and More!
  • Flat Hose – As Seen on TV!
  • messages from
  • ADV: Lowest Life Insurance Rates – Free Quote…
  • FAILED DELIVERY (nothing like a fake error message)
  • RE: Your Account Status
  • American Express want to Pay You Up to 5%……

The main sending offenders seem to revolve around the same choice few domains…

  • – my favorite!

There are many, many more.

Annoying forwarding bug in

While it is not a new bug, and also not a consistent one, “crash on forward” issue continues to frustrate me. Seems it only happens when it wants and only seems to effect html emails. There is a work around I am using until this little bug gets squashed… As noted on OSXHints and reported previously you can forward through a cut and paste method…

Philips converges and (hopefully) incorporates Rendezvous

They are already publically a licensee, so one can only hope since this box sounds like a very cool addition to the digital home. Hmm…I wonder how things will work between this and the Moxie/Digeo box discussed yesterday which also can utilize 802.11, though I don’t think it has Zero Conf (Rendezvous) yet…

Philips converges on convergence: “Digeo isn’t the only company going after the “convergence” market. Philips has just announced its own convergence device, the Wireless Home AV Platform, a box that wirelessly connects your PC to your TV and stereo, so you can watch or listen to video or music files stored on PC. Read…” Source: Gizmodo

Not the way Schiller sees it…

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to edit digital movies on our DVDs anytime soon,” Schiller said. “Over 95 percent of homes already have toilets, but that doesn’t mean you are going to edit videos on them.”

PCs, gadgets scrap for home dominance: “PC makers take on the consumer electronics industry in the battle for the living room, putting Apple and Microsoft in the unusual position of being on the same side.” Source: CNET

Not exactly an Apple announcement

I guess the rumors were just too good to be true for now. There is always MacWorld SF and the hopeful release announcement of the IBM Power4 64 bit chip. For now though Apple seems publicly tied to PowerPC.

At Comdex, AMD touts win, bangs head: “The chipmaker’s CEO announces a customer win and the official name of the company’s new desktop processor during a keynote featuring digital guitars and a cameo from a rock star.” Source: CNET

Bring it on!

I was a loyal Newton user until size just beat it out when Palm got their act together and I have been Palm loyal since. The idea of an Apple handheld or tablet is intriguing… I would love to see this happen.

Waiting for the Mac Tablet: “Waiting for the Mac Tablet: “Technological considerations aside, there are also marketing priorities that should drive Apple tablet-ward sooner than later. As a vertically integrated company whose product lines rely completely on its own proprietary hardware and software, Apple can’t afford to take a flyer on every new initiative attempted by the Wintel juggernaut. But with a large percentage of its revenues based on its portable devices, it also can’t ignore a new effort to reshape the notebook market.” [Is all this tablet stuff Star Trek lust? Or is there more to it?]” Source: Archipelago

The SDK was released earlier

The SDK was released earlier this week…

Watson Developer on Sherlock Plug-ins: “Karelia Software, which recently released Watson 1.6, on the Sherlock 3 plug-in architecture: “We’ve taken a look at Sherlock 3’s released plug-in architecture, and it’s quite a bit different from Watson’s. Although some developers are sure to prefer Sherlock’s approach, our reaction is lukewarm at best. You can’t exactly expect us to be impartial judges, but here are some differences…” (See the sidebar on the right side of the page.)” Source: Ranchero

Don’t be fooled

Don’t be fooled by the low, pre 1.0 version number, Chimera is an extremely solid Cocoa-based OSX Mozilla browser. I have been using it since .5 and been updating it through the daily builds since. There is an excellent team and community working on this project to assure the highest quality. If you use, IE you will gain many new functions like pop-up blocking and tabbed browsing to name a few. From Mozilla or Netscape 7, you will sacrifice Mail and Newsgroups as well as the page editor, but in return you will get one mean lightweight browser.

Once again Brent Simmons comes through

Once again Brent Simmons come through… This is a great app for those of you reading this from Macs who have not yet downloaded it. I highly recommend this as the primary way to scan both news and blog sites — in fact any site that supports RSS.

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.2b4: “NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.2b4 contains a variety of changes—including a new Bandwidth Statistics window, support for HTTP and XML-level redirection, and more (see the change notes page).

It also includes one of the most common feature requests—that the space bar should scroll down the Description HTML view when it can be scrolled. (When it can’t be scrolled, or when it’s scrolled to the end, then the space bar still goes to the next unread headline. This way you can motor through all the unread headlines without taking your finger off the space bar.)” Source:

I am way too easily amused

I am way too easily amused…

As I was clearing my Junk Folder in Mail I noticed that the latest spam to arrive was from MSN 8 Internet Service titled Is Spam taking over your inbox?

Actually no, but thanks for thinking of me Microsoft. And of course, thank you Apple.