Hilary Rosen resigns

This is unreal news….

Hilary Rosen has resigned from the RIAA, citing her desire to take care of her kids. I’ve heard rumors that she’s been frustrated with the intransigence of her employers at the RIAA, their unwillingness to adapt to new circumstances — certainly, that sounds more plausible to me than “I want to take care of my kids.”Link

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Abbey Road

Damn, it’s been a really long time since I rocked out to some classic rock – if I can even call The Beatles classic rock since they still sound fresh and ahead of the curve.

blogged to The Beatles “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”#l[7:47]#l from Abbey Road (1969).

Kung Tunes

I finally got the Kung Tunes kinks worked out thanks to some expert help from Adriaan Tijsseling, the developer.

Through the magic of email, we (actually just Adriaan) were able to troubleshoot the messy CSS I had running down the right side of the page. Now things look and work great! Thanks again Adriaan!

blogged while listening to Spiritualized “You Know It’s True/If I Were with Her Now/I Want You”#l[13:10]#l from Lazer Guided Melodies .

iTaf 0.1.2

Wake up with iTunes thanks to iTafiTaf is a OSX tool for programming iTunes “play” times in future : wonderful for waking up with music. iTaf is a Unix command with a Cocoa-based GUI.

Clutter your desktop with Album art

It’s called Clutter . The reason I wrote it is that I find that iTunes organizes stuff too neatly . When I buy music on CD, I keep the newish and in-vogue CDs lying around on my desk or on top of the stereo for a while. Then when I’m deciding what to listen to, my eye will be caught by one of them and I’ll decide to play it. But nowadays, when I either get music in MP3 form (from eMusic or epitonic ) or rip the CD and file it away, the only reminder of its existence is in iTunes, and I find that the new stuff vanishes away in a huge alphabetical list of everything I already have. And besides, I really like cover art and miss not having it around anymore.

So I decided to create a way to replicate that same very functional clutter on my computer. The app Clutter lets you make little windows that look like CD covers. Double-clicking one, or selecting it and hitting Space, tells iTunes to start playing that CD. That’s about it — here’s what it looks like:

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Yamaha Wi-Fi-based audio system

Expensive, no screen shot yet… Sounds like home media servers are finally beginning to mature, finally!

Yamaha Wi-Fi-based audio system: For over $2,000, you can get an 80 Gb music server with CD-R that can broadcast via Wi-Fi to a receiver (included) that has its own 20-watt amplifier and support for external speakers. Extra receivers are $800.

The server broadcasts the music to clients, or receiver stations, that contain their own 20-watt amplifiers. Any speakers can be attached. MusicCast uses the 802.11b wireless standard (also known as Wi-Fi), but Yamaha says the signal will not interfere with other Wi-Fi networks (like those connecting the computers around the house) because each receiver station has its own network address. That also lets MusicCast send different music simultaneously to different receiver stations, so Junior can play hip-hop in the den while Mom and Dad listen to jazz in the kitchen.

[802.11b Networking News]

iCommune 1.0b2

iCommune is a plug-in which extends Apple’s iTunes software to share music over the network. Your friends’ music libraries appear in the iTunes source list. You can browse their collections, and choose to download or stream their music. It also allows you to make your own music library available to others.

I tried to get this working tonight but had no luck… had personal web sharing on, appletalk on and shared both systems to be sure and neither system was able to show the other’s library. I used both a network IP as well as computer.local address. Have to email the guy when I get a chance, or just wait for the next version.

Hopefully the Rendezvous feature at MacWorld NY 2002 will finally activate when the iLife suite is available on January 25.

Kung Tunes

Thanks to Kung Tunes, a very cool app I’ve been waiting to use, I can now show what music I have been listening to on my sidebar. It’s not exactly where I want it to be…

I can’t figure out how to get my Amazon ID in the historical list and I can’t quite get the sidebar to allow itself to expand either. hmmm… the limits of my technical knowledge/abilities come forward.

iTunes mayhem

So my iTunes app/library bit the dust. I started to get an error which repeated on startup which read – A fatal error occurred while saving the file ITunes 3 Music Library. Nice right? I deleted the prefs but something was seriously wrong as it returned soon after a relaunch. I tried to delete all 3 preference files, but the error was quite persistent in returning.

My solution was a bit tough perhaps, but since I could not find an answer on the Apple Support boards, I had no other choice but to start over. I did a backup of the iTunes library file and made a copy of that, just in case. Then I moved it away and relaunched iTunes as if it was being done for the first time.

Time to import… I dragged my collection into iTunes and then walked away. I have over 32GB of music, it was actually over 34GB, but I found a host of duplicates and files that were just old downloads of things I never listen to. After iTunes processed everything I had only to rebuild my playlists, which was actually quicker and easier than I expected. Since I keep my playlists sorted as albums, for easy listening and iPod syncing, i just sorted my library by album and highlighted each one to create a new list for each selected group.

Most of my music is either ripped from my collection or traded with friends, rather than straight downloaded to maintain a level of quality in the files. I was amazed at things I guess I never had listened to, or was keeping for some archival purpose. I was able to purge my system of about 2GB of Krap (the K is for emphasis). Anyway, I now am back on the air, listening to my music which has been reorganized beautifully with only a small sacrifice of time.