Larry David is a sick bastard

After just watching the latest Curb your Enthusiasm, I think it is fair to say that Larry David is a sick bastard.

A quick tally of events:

  1. The Death of his mother is kept from Larry by his father per some Jewish guilt based request of his mother.

  2. Larry then uses the death of his mother to get out of many personal committments

  3. Upon discovering that his mother has a tattoo and won’t be able to be properly buried within the true Jewish part of the cemetary, Larry decides that he can bribe the gravedigger so he can secretly move his mother from the special part of the cemetary.

  4. Larry ends of getting arrested at the end for bribing the gravedigger with conterfeit movie-prop bills.

P.S. The special mantra for meditation that Larry offers to Richard Lewis, then takes back of course, ends up being translated to mean, “Fuck me.”

Radio posting pleasure

I am now fully aware of how nice it can be to post to radio without the browser. In reading the discussion groups I know I am not alone in having issues with browser communication to Radio.

Archipelago makes it easy to post as well as edit previous posts — once you figure it out. My only critique of the app at this point is the minimal documentation. It is free, so I can’t complain and the folks (perhaps just Daniel) are very responsive to my questions on email.

It seems that Archipelago works to post items quicker than the browser as well as just making it more simple to do so. Well done Daniel!

Tonight at 12:09am, my friends

Tonight at 12:09am, my friends Mark and Julie brought their first child into the world. Mia Rose was born at 8lbs, 4oz and is a very healthy girl.

I’ve known Mark since the summer before fifth grade and he is my first friend to be having a baby, so this is very special news.

Congratulations to Mark and Julie on this wonderful day!

My wife Ashley and I

My wife Ashley and I returned last night from a wonderful trip to Florida to celebrate our second wedding anniversary which is today. Hard to believe it has only been two years, since we have both matured significantly in that time. Without going into more personal details, I’d just like to leave it with I love her (you if you are reading!) very much and look forward to many more reasons to celebrate together.

We all miss the old

We all miss the old dot-com days in NYC when you could order pretty much anything youu desired and have it delivered by messenger within an hour. Kozmo and UrbanFetch bit the dust… WebVan never made it here, but now people are starting to get excited with the idea of Fresh Direct.

Can FreshDirect Bring Home the Bacon?. WebVan crashed, and other online grocers haven’t won consumers’ hearts. Now, Joe Defele says his New York startup has the right recipe [Business Week: Daily Briefing]

So I just stumbled across

So I just stumbled across the link here from an old college friend.
It seems the womyn’s center (ever see PCU? I apparently went there…) feels it is appropriate to disrupt campus living by bringing in an ex-porn star to talk to campus.