Busted Nano

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I discovered my Nano had a broken screen while commuting home last night.  I was just sitting on the train listening to a podcast and went to choose something else when it ended and found this.

I can assure you that no extreme activities had been taking place.  This is just crap.  Now I will have to deal with Apple to see if I can get anything going for a replacement. aigh…

Service Request Submitted…

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CBS Podcasts through iTunes

This is cool stuff…. Nice to know it can be added for my commuting listening pleasure.

CBS WILL DISTRIBUTE ITS FREE podcasts, from “60 Minutes” to the long-running soap “Guiding Light,” on Apple’s iTunes Music Store, CBS Digital President Larry Kramer said Monday. The extensive suite of CBS podcasts includes news, entertainment, and sports programming on television, radio, and CBS Digital media sites including CBS.com, CBSNews.com, UPN.com and CBS SportsLine.com. The content can now be accessed from the iTunes Podcast Directory, as well as CBS Digital media sites, and will be highlighted in customized iTunes pages promoting the full offering of CBS podcasts for each respective CBS Digital Media property.

Other audio offerings include CBS’s public affairs show, “Face The Nation;” “Survivor Live,” which focuses on “Survivor: Guatemala;” the soap opera roundup “CBS Soapbox;” “NFL Hot Topic;” and “Fantasy Football: Roster Trends.” [MediaPost]

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Cringely has released NerdTV and I’ve been listening (I am at work) to the first show, an interview with Andy Hertzfeld which is really excellent. I look forward to the rest of the series as it develops.

“Podfather” gets Sirius

Nice piece in the NYT about Adam Curry’s deal with Sirius… He’ll be hosting a daily 4 hour show on channel 148, Talk Central. The show will have advertising (designed to fit in with the flow) and will be all about Podcasting as you might expect. Adam Curry’s Podshow starts on May 13…

No word on whether you’ll actually be able to download the show. If nothing else, Sirius subscribers can stream if for free online if you are out of reach from your satellite radio.

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Joi Ito — Memory Lane

This is a nice interview with Joi Ito … great with the morning espresso.

Halley Suitt interviews entrepreneur and venture capitalist Joichi Ito about the way the web, cellular, social software and other technologies developed concurrently in the US and Japan from the 1980’s up to the present. [IT Conversations]