Superbowl Ad Coup

The Beer wars continue as expected in the Superbowl this year…

I thought it was pretty amazing that Miller not only directly referenced the new Budweiser Select beer, but they did so in an ad that appeared two times before Bud ran their own spot. Not sure how much was luck and how much was paid placement, but it certainly makes you question the Bud product.

Still thinking about the commercials as they roll…

I though the Go Daddy ad was pretty lame. Hot chick, almost reveals breast and obviously not net-literate. I’m sure Go Daddy’s Parsons thought it was great… As someone who was actively involved in that space for quite a few years, in my opinion, it was a waste. I guess they are just trying to bust (pun intended) out of the existing customer / convert customer.

I can’t believe how much money Career Builder is spending… that’s 3 so far a nice 7.2 Million on ads.

I did like the P Diddy Diet Pepsi ad. I also liked their iPod Promotion spots. They continue to be hip without forcing it on you.

NFL to offer game play-by-play for iPod

An interesting addition…though I wonder how many people will want to listen to games after most likely watching them on TV.

The National Football League (NFL) and Audible Inc. on Tuesday announced that audio broadcasts of the AFC and NFC championship games and the Super Bowl will be made available through for compatible MP3 players, including the iPod.’s content is also made available through the iTunes Music Store. The audio broadcasts of the games will be made available for download the morning after the games, and listeners will also be able to download audio highlights of the games, according to a statement. [MacCentral News]

Michael Phelps is a class act

Just watching the Olympics and after the 100 Fly final heard that Michael Phelps has decided to pass his place to Ian Crocker, whom he touched out (.04) in the Fly final. Crocker is the world record holder, the guy who Michael has woken up to every day as motivation and he lets him go to do the final Medley Relay. Hearing him talk and seeing him interact with the other members of his team, you know he’s a together guy.

When Bob Costas asked him what his favorite race was in the Games so far he said he was not able to narrow it down, but after thinking a second declares that he was part of 3 races in which the US went 1-2. You’ve got to respect that.


This is a slick new app/site for catching Olympic fever while on the go…


Matt found me a bunch of Olympics-based feeds and now the aggregator is up and running online. You should be able to hit the site from your phone’s minibrowser (XHTML-MP/WAP 2.0) without problems and from the web. I’ve made a basic search page and included the latest 30 stories on the front page. That should keep anyone interested in the Olympics more than informed while reading on their mobile. [Russell Beattie Notebook]

Olympic Partnerships

Just watching the Olympic trials at the moment and wondering why ATT wireless has an exclusive to the mobile alerts and Olympic updates.

The Olympics are a universal thing and something that (other than broadcast rights) should not be controlled by any one company. Perhaps it’s just my perspective as a former swimmer, but I still hold the Olympics in a pure eye. I’d can’t imagine that people are going to suddenly switch or even sign up for ATT just because of the SMS features for the Olympic Games.

NY Marathon

Today as I am sure you know is the NYC Marathon and my sister is running for the first time! So far she is kicking some serious ass – maintaining an average Pace Per Mile of 8:25 and looking at an estimated finish of 3:40:42.

You can look up any runner you know is going for it today courtesy of the Marathon Tracker, which is a very cool use of the runner radio tags everyone has on their shoes. For fun, we checked and can see that so far Leslie is kicking P Diddy’s ass as well.

OK – Final info is in… Leslie ran an amazing 3:47:39 in her first marathon! Diddy is still running…final time – 3:58:22. This beats his goal of 4 hours and should be what he needed to complete the mission of raising money for NYC Schools. He actually raised $2 Million, a Million over his goal!

Now that the Marathon is over, you can check how people did in a head to head simulation

Digital Sports Tiers: 1’s and 0’s, X’s and O’s

On Nov. 19, 1.4 million Time Warner customers in New York and New Jersey will see the latest permutation in sports programming: the digital sports tier.

For $3.95 a month, viewers with digital cable will be able to buy a package containing NBA TV, the Tennis Channel, Fuel (Fox’s new extreme sports network) and Fox Sports Atlantic, Central and Pacific [New York Times: Business]

Interesting… doubt I’ll buy, but will be looking to check out the NBA channel before it goes pay. We’ll get a 3 week window to check it out

Phelps shatters world record

Michael Phelps moved closer to superceding Ian Thorpe as the world’s best swimmer after a stunning night at the World Championships in Barcelona.

The 18-year-old American destroyed the world record in the 200m individual medley as he relegated Thorpe to second in their much-anticipated showdown.

And that performance came less than an hour after he had broken the 100m butterfly world record in the semi-finals, a mark that had been set moments earlier by Ukrainian Andrii Serdinov.[BBC SPORT]

A review of Web NCAA bracket interfaces

Still deciding which site to choose to manage your March Madness picks? Holovaty offers some help in understanding the differences each site has to offer…

It’s college basketball tournament time in America, and millions of sports fans are taking their best shot at predicting the winners.

I took some time to look at a few online bracket contests. Not that I’m a sports fan in any way; I was mostly interested in how various sports news sites presented a means for user-submitted brackets.


Eagles defeat the Falcons 20-6

Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles defeated Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons tonight!

The game was a tough one and only was secured in the fourth quarter when McNabb found Thrash who ran in for in for a 35yd touchdown. Duce Staley was a machine in the third and fourth quarters fighting through and dragging opponents along to keep the ball moving through first downs.

NFC Championship Game is Next Week! Go Eagles! can handle your blackout fix…

Not exactly the most ideal, but certainly better than nothing… You can listen to a live radio broadcast of the game you want, plus have a live stats page updated semi-regularly (it seems to run a bit behind) to keep you in the game when you can’t be watching. I wish I had discovered this earlier in the season! If you happen to tune in during a commercial break, you will only hear silence until the game returns live…

Go Eagles!

Your mistake equals my news…

Your mistake equals my news… I received the following email this morning for some reason and thought I would share for those sports/telecom fans.

Names have been blocked to prevent any bad sh!t coming my way too quickly.


Date: Wed Oct 23, 2002 7:53:32 AM America/New_York



Subject: F1 Circuit Advertising

Message from X X to X X

Dear X

Thanks for your note of October 22nd. I completely understand your desire to

have an agreement such as the one attached to your note. Having said that, I am

reluctant to pass over the rights at this early stage because I wish PSI to be

centrally involved in any ensueing negotiations.

I would much prefer for you to “sound out” the market place and for us to have a

meeting with PSI about our strategic approach when you are in a position to

bring us up to date with any level of interest, however informal this might be.

I hope you understand, I am not being over cautious, just wishing to maintain a

level of control over what is after all a very significant amount of money.

Kind regards