This is exciting stuff and

This is exciting stuff and confirmed (must be the same source?) on PalmInfocenter. The new palm devices are getting closer and closer. Can’t wait to have to decide which way to go. My Palm m505 works great, but the future devices with ARM chips, OS5 and integrated bluetooth are what I am looking for.

Rumors Flying About Two New Sony Handhelds. ClieSource reports that Sony has two new handhelds on the way that share the form factor of the clamshell NR series. These new models, to be known as the NX series, will have 16MB of RAM, run Palm OS 5, and come with a CompactFlash slot that will take a Sony-branded 802.11b card but curiously won’t accept CF memory cards. One of the models will also come with a built-in camera with a resolution of 640×480 pixels. Read [Via PalmInfosource]… [Gizmodo]

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