The Next Frontier for the

The Next Frontier for the Home Theater: Motion Simulation. Surround sound is nothing anymore. Anyone who wants the ultimate home theater setup will have to get this: a $20,000 motion simulator from Canadian company D-Box. Called the Odyssee, the whole contraption fits underneath your seats or sofa, and moves you all around whenever there are explosions and stuff like that on screen. It works with DVD, TV, and video games (once this is cheaper this could really take off for car racing and flight simulator games). Right now to take full advantage of the Odyssee requires buying a special disc programmed with synchronized moves, and there are about fifty films that this is available for, like The Phantom Menace, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Top Gun. It also can interpret cues from the audio soundtrack of what you’re watching for other movies and normal television. Read… [Gizmodo]

I actually just saw a quick review of this on Fresh Gear. It seems interesting though obviously out of reach for almost everyone. The main advantages are that you don’t have to dig up your home to install this unit and you will be able to feel (and endure) up to 2 G’s of simulated action!

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