When it was first announced,

When it was first announced, the Danger hiptop/sidekick was the center of a great deal of attention. I thought it was going to be a very cool product, though this was before the Handspring Treo and the Voice-integrated RIM devices.

Now however, the device has once again started the gadget engine in my mind… After watching the demo movie on the T-Mobile site, I am once again thinking this could be the one. No color, but full data, web and (3) pop3 email accounts.

T-Mobile has a very compelling offer running right now which is a $50 rebate bringing the post-rebate price to $199 with a one year contract. The monthly contract plan includes all-you-can-eat data service for $39.99/mo. It seems that two-way messaging is extra and only the first 50 messages are included…for an additional $2.99/mo you can have 500 more which should more than cover even the most rambunctious user.

One significant question at this time is how (or if) it will sync with a computer. I just got everything settled in my Mac’s Address Book and would want to obviously zap everything up to something like this. From what I recall reading everything gets done through the air – so you would expect some kind of web based upload procedure.

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