The future in my living

The future in my living room

Time Warner came by this afternoon with a wonderful new toy… an HDTV cable converter box! It’s hard to describe the difference other than to say, WOW! The picture quality is absolutely fantastic. On HD channels, you get digital 5.1 sounds as well. I’ve had a digital HD capable set for 2 years, and have been able to view DVDs and occasionally my PS2 in the correct 16:9 format… TV was no where near ready, until now.

We get HBO, SHO, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS. No HDNet, I guess that is only DirecTV right now…Not all the channels broadcast HD all the time. In the few minutes we have played so far, the non-HD broadcasts seem to be amazingly clear in full digital glory. This is completely beyond where we were with just digital cable.

The cable guy said they are looking to have 2 new channels come on each month so I will certainly be looking for more to come online. He also pointed out a channel that was hidden from view at number 1000… it’s Video on Demand(VOD)! “Soon we will have access to the complete Warner Brothers studio library! Right now, I need to spend somme more time browsing, but we can watch previews and some DVD-extra like content but pause, fastforward and rewind all live on cable with the remote. Pretty intense!

As more goodness gets delivered I will be sure to share…

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