While I can’t afford it,

While I can’t afford it, the Meridian 880 Reference Music Server is high on my wish list for home media servers. In fact, it seems to be the media server. I have checked out a few in the past including devices from Lansonic and Imerge. The iMerge always seemed to be much cooler, but something I always wanted to see and certainly hear before making a purchase. The Meridian seems to push the envelope of technology, by using their own proprietary lossless format and software from iMerge. Can’t wait to visit my favorite high end audio store this winter when this baby comes out!

MLP Not MP3. For audiophiles who want to ditch their CDs, but don’t want to have to listen to their entire collection as low-fidelity MP3s, Meridian has come out with their 880 Reference Music Server, which can store up to 750 hours of music. Rather than use MP3 for compression, the RMS uses its own proprietary format for storage, known as Meridian Lossless Packing. The result is that there’s no loss of audio fidelity. All this losslessness doesn’t come cheap though: the RMS is expected to retail for around $20,000. Comes out in January of next year. Read… [Gizmodo]

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