Larry David is a sick bastard

After just watching the latest Curb your Enthusiasm, I think it is fair to say that Larry David is a sick bastard.

A quick tally of events:

  1. The Death of his mother is kept from Larry by his father per some Jewish guilt based request of his mother.

  2. Larry then uses the death of his mother to get out of many personal committments

  3. Upon discovering that his mother has a tattoo and won’t be able to be properly buried within the true Jewish part of the cemetary, Larry decides that he can bribe the gravedigger so he can secretly move his mother from the special part of the cemetary.

  4. Larry ends of getting arrested at the end for bribing the gravedigger with conterfeit movie-prop bills.

P.S. The special mantra for meditation that Larry offers to Richard Lewis, then takes back of course, ends up being translated to mean, “Fuck me.”

10 Replies to “Larry David is a sick bastard”

  1. Larry David Is a comical genius so quit with the bad mouthing and know and clown when you see one

  2. the guy who posted this is a comic genius, maybe it was larry david.

  3. Larry David’s show is great. Quit player hatin’ and give the man his props. The Doll and the Krazy Eyez Killa episode are the best.

  4. Larry david is friggin hilarious he is my idol shutup you asshole whoever questioned that he is a comic genius

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