This dazzling beauty

This dazzling beauty is astoundingly feature-packed yet fully utilizes its compact design to the hilt in a chicly creative way never before seen on a mobile handset. The color is a fresh mesh of arctic pale blue with opalescent white trim. The buttons on the keypad are a bit more finger-friendly with fast-paced error-proof punching in mind. This same keypad flips open to reveal a 208 x 320 color screen (2.5″ x 1.5″) large enough to do everything a PDA and cell phone should do, but still small enough to disappear into a side pocket and forget about.

If there was a phone to get excited about, it is the pending release of the Sony Ericsson P800, which runs Symbian 7.0 with full Java support. It is a very slick phone, PDA combo device designed to run on GPRS networks, which means AT&T, T-Mobile and Cingular in the US.

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