Unlike the David Coursey review

Unlike the David Coursey review I posted the other day, this more balanced and complete overview from InfoSync covers it all, rather than simply stating how great it is to have windows in your phone…

Now, with all of these applications you’d think that you need a task manager of some sort – right? Wrong. According to Microsoft, Smartphone 2002 uses the same smart minimize technology as found in Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC Phone Edition, and closes applications in the back of the stack if another application is started that requires more memory than what is currently available. Unfortunately, it didn’t take me long to figure out that just like on the Pocket PC platform, things start slowing down when you run a number of applications – and what’s worse, you don’t even have the option to access memory settings and shut down single or all applications depending on your needs (which to Microsoft’s credit isn’t a feature that should be present on a phone even though it needs to be in this case). The performance drop is however only noticeable and not a major issue, but I tell you this; I’ve seen the hour glass a couple of times and it’s like my worst nightmare come true – there should be no such thing on a mobile phone. Period.

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