Once again Brent Simmons comes through

Once again Brent Simmons come through… This is a great app for those of you reading this from Macs who have not yet downloaded it. I highly recommend this as the primary way to scan both news and blog sites — in fact any site that supports RSS.

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.2b4: “NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.2b4 contains a variety of changes—including a new Bandwidth Statistics window, support for HTTP and XML-level redirection, and more (see the change notes page).

It also includes one of the most common feature requests—that the space bar should scroll down the Description HTML view when it can be scrolled. (When it can’t be scrolled, or when it’s scrolled to the end, then the space bar still goes to the next unread headline. This way you can motor through all the unread headlines without taking your finger off the space bar.)” Source: inessential.com

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