I really miss AvantGo

I really miss AvantGo, but have a love hate relationship with them. For whatever reason they have decided not to support Palm Desktop 4.0 and Mac OS X. According to them, they just can’t figure it out and say they have spoken to both Palm and Apple. This seems like a standard line of corporate BS to me. Since they recently updated features on their web site, I was able to check my stats and realized that the last time I synced AvantGo was in March. That is about the same time I asked the question about when it would work…

Vindigo used to use the exact same method for synchronizing that AvantGo did when I was back in OS 9 and Palm Desktop 2.63. It seems that they were able to advance, but AvantGo was not. My guess is that they do not value the Mac market and have moved on without publically stating so.

In search of an alternative, I ran into Plucker. Plucker looks great, supports VFS, has a great desktop component, but does not support Mac. There is sourcecode available, but so far no know build for Mac that has been released. I tried get things going but quickly ran into the limits of my understanding of the command line and the developer tools.

Anyone know of a release either private or public that can be shared? Perhaps an alternative solution?

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