Chinese Water Torture

For at least a year now the shower in our master bedroom has been dripping. We have gone through a few shower heads based on the brilliant recommendations of both the super and the landlord but since that was not the problem, the drip continued.

You can’t possibly be intense on something like a leaky shower every day – life is busy etc… but every so often (like once a month) I would call and complain to the landlord’s answering machine. He rarely called back.

This fall there was a renewed interest in getting things finally resolved. The landlord and some contractor guy came by once and figured it was a part within the shower fixture that needed to be replaced. This actually confirmed what the super had told me just before. (Just so you know, my super is not allowed to fix anything since he is really here to deal with the COOP apartments and my wife and I are renters)

About a week later the contractor returned with an assistant, a day we thought would never come… He showed up though without any tools or parts. Apparently he wanted to look at the shower again. Guess what, we had the same problem as last time. After that visit a few weeks passed, mainly with me calling everyday and yelling messages of increasing intensity into my landlord’s answering machine. Eventually he called me back to say that he had no faith in his guy to come and fix it and that I should hire a plumber. Why that was not the initial solution, I don’t know.

Today was the day for the plumber to stop by and as you’ll notice from the time of this post that it is way past the time window I picked 9am-12pm. No call to me, but 2 calls to the plumber to find out that they won’t be able to make it and I will have to reschedule. This is just unfuckingreal. If I lived in a place where I had a car, I would probably just drive to Home Depot and get the part and try to fix it myself. Since I don’t live in such a place, another day will come, One that I’m sure will bring predictable disappointment.

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  1. Found your “water torture” question in searching for a solution to the very problem you’re having. All I see is how to fix leaky sinks, fix leaky shower pans/drains, and two people saying “replace the spout” (and you know and I know it’s further up the line than that!). If I had a solution I’d share it, but I seek one myself and it seems a plumber with a work ethic is your best hope. Do remember that the landlord/tenant laws in your area may allow you to deduct the price of the plumber’s visit from your rent (enclose a copy of the plumber’s statement/receipt with your rent payment), check with your local authorities on that.

  2. First of all, I’m amazed at how many people have found this site searching for Chinese water torture.

    Just so everybody knows, our shower was eventually fixed by a plumber and involved the replacement of quite a few parts.

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