About 41 hours…

… Is what our home computer is saying I must wait for my MP3 collection to stuff across the network. Thanks to the Stuffit 7.0 and the newer StuffitX compression I am hoping to safely store my collection off the damaged drive. The reason for the time on this is pretty simple… I am trying to move and compress my collection (30+GB) across my home network, because the firewire drive will only work (sort of) when connected to my powerbook. I have already moved close to 400 files but I still have over 5400 left to go. Some are fairly sizeable streamed broadcasts so I expect this to go for most of the day. I am guessing that at some point, the time will not match reality and this will finish sooner. I could easily be wrong… I just hope it works. I really need to try and repair that drive, but can’t until I can safely move my data.

UPDATE – New plan. Cancelled the previous over the network deal at 39 hours remaining. I am now working with the command line interface for stuffit which is a nice new addition. I had tried a tar previously but that failed as I ran out of drive space on the hard drive. It will be interesting to see if Stuffit can do it differently.

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