Nextel Blackberry 6510 Released!

The Nextel Blackberry seems to have been released – at least for public inquiry. It supports POP email accounts as well as the usual suspects in server sync as well. The only downside for someone like me, is that I won’t be able to sync my Mac to it were it to be my PDA. I will still need a Palm for that.

Seems that the more I consider this the more the Danger Hiptop from T-Mobile (aka Sidekick) is the device of choice based on bang for the buck. It also does not sync, not yet anyway, but only costs $200 compared to the Blackberry which will most likely cost about $500 if I had to guess. The wireless plan will also most likely cost much more that the hiptop which is about $40 flat right now.

My ideal situation?

  • wireless device for email on multiple POP3 accounts
  • syncs with Mac for calendar access
  • color for photos and games – preferred though not a requirement if the screen is good enough
  • bluetooth optional

I don’t see anything like this out there yet… do you?

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