Mac tips from the Woz

I was watching TechTV this evening and caught Steve Wozniak as a co-host of The Screen Savers, which was cool unto itself. The highlight though was when Steve offerred some of his favorite Mac Tips…

Woz’s Mac tips

Woz will show us the following Apple tips:

  • Using the built-in display zoom of Jaguar: You press command and option and the * key, then you press command and option and the + key to zoom in, command and option and the – key to zoom out.
  • FruitMenu ($7 shareware) which allows you to tailor the Apple Menu and contextual menus to your taste.
  • A fun utility which makes your screen saver your desktop, called DesktopEffects.
  • Snv Desk, which creates falling snowflakes.
  • Finally, he’ll show us how to make a slideshow using iPhoto.

Source: TechTV

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