GEN – An ailment for international soccer goalkeepers: Scrabble

Lionel Letizi just wanted to play a friendly game of Scrabble. Instead, the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper apparently won’t be playing anything for a while. Source:Daypop Top News Stories]

In the report, it’s just the latest in a string of bizarre injuries among international goalkeepers:

  • Spain’s Santiago Canizares missed this year’s World Cup after dropping a bottle of aftershave on his foot and damaging a tendon.
  • Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman hurt himself while he reached for his TV remote control and needed surgery.
  • Wigan’s Dave Beasant missed matches after dropping a jar of mayonnaise on his toe.
  • Liverpool keeper Michael Stensgaard dislocated his shoulder in 1995, trying to catch an ironing board that had slipped from his grasp.

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