HDTV Enhancements

I noticed on Friday that our Cable lineup has changed pretty substantially. When we first got our HDTV converter box, we could choose between HBO, Showtime, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and PBS. The networks did not broadcast fulltime HD, but the movie stations and PBS delivered 100%. We also have Movies on Demand and an Adult Movies on Demand channel.

With the new lineup, we now have HBO, The Movie Channel, Showtime, Cinemax all On Demand for a monthly fee in addition to a whole host of regular and extended cable channels which appear to gearing up for HDTV.

The way this works, for those of you on older cable systems or non-digital cable, is that we have additional channel numbers for each channel that offers HD. Things are looking better and better…Hopefully soon our new channels will activate and we will have most channels in their glorious new clarity.

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