Is it just me?

Perhaps I am psyching myself out in the final hours (OK – 12) before the MacWorld Keynote, but there is no secret looking home page at Apple. I recall other mind altering pre-notices leading us to believe that something amazing was waiting. This show eve, there is nothing…at least not yet.

The whole day I have been wondering what might lie ahead from Cupertino. I feel the need for a new gadget and can’t help my urge for an Apple Palm or Phone or Tablet or something! A video iPod is not doing it for me at least in the current form factor. Some of the rumor sites have mentioned a touch screen, which begins to make things interesting if they then push what you can do on the device. There are sites that list potential apps for the iPod, but many would be silly if you could only do things with the scroll wheel.

I know the Apple deal with Pixo was for 2 devices and we are still on the first…This Wired News article from last year at this time shoots down the amazing iWalk which would be a super delicious surprise.

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